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Let stress be your friend

Stress is your body's alarm system.

It will help you if a deer runs in front of your car and it can also tell you to slow down if you're doing too much exercise.

Stress can be bad for you if you have too much of it. We, at Synergi Physio, encourage a little bit of stress so you are able to reach your goals!

Stress is simply hormones that are released by the brain triggered by emotions, physical and environmental factors.

What can cause a stress response (stressors) ?

1- being overwhelmed.

2- situations that are out of our control.

3- uncertainty of our future.

4- abuse, social rejection, loneliness.

5- big changes.

6- not practicing our purpose in life.

7- doing too much exercise for what our body can handle.

8- chronic pain.

9- injury.

..and more

This is all normal and ok to feel stress in these situations. It's what we decide to do with the information our alarm system is giving us...

What is not ok, is feeling stress when the stressor is no longer present in our lives.

If we still feel stressed when the stressor is no longer in our lives, that's when it becomes chronic stress. Issues with our mental and physical state can arise from chronic stress...

Here are tools that could help you calm your body and mind.

Yes, hot baths can definitely help, but that is only half the work.


Take a week to just observe your body's reaction to situations. Try to be present as much as possible. Notice the thoughts you're having. By doing this, you are practicing awareness. Awareness is key to managing your stress in unwanted situations.

1) Take a moment, if possible, to step away (physically or mentally) from the situation that is causing stress to arise.

2) Take deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale from your mouth.

3) Focus on your breathing. Notice your heart beat slow down and your muscles soften.

When we're calm, it's easier for us to make better decisions.


Focus on the things you CAN control.

List of things you CAN control:

1) Your thoughts

2) Your breath

3) Your actions

4) What you choose to eat

5) What your body CAN do


Physical activity.

Engaging in heart-pumping activity stimulates and calms the body by reducing the body’s stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol – and stimulating the production of feel-good endorphins (the same chemicals responsible for “runners’ highs”). - ParticipACTION

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