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Helping people with chronic pain believe they can 

feel good again


Synergi Physio

At Synergi Physio we're dedicated to helping you get to your optimal health!

We offer:

  • Treatment for chronic pain and acute pain;

  • Education on pain management and nutrition;

  • Exercise programs for home, in the gym or in the pool;

  • Treatment for work related injuries.

You have complete control over your healthcare. We provide the tools and education to help you reach your full potential to live a more active and healthier lifestyle.

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T. Parker Synergi Physio Inc. is a physiotherapy clinic striving in best practice and return to

optimal function. The name "Synergi Physio" means to work together, to collaborate for the greater good.

 Physiotherapists have a vital role in increasing the health of individals and populations.

We can provide tools to decrease stress, to limit sedentary behaviors and tackle barriers to increased physical activity. Physiotherapists are starting to provide general information on dietary choices.


     Current evidence in physiotherapy shows the importance of : 

  1. prevention and wellness;

  2. pain science education;

  3. the relationship between foods and pain;

  4. the effects of calming the nervous system on the body's own healing mechanisms.



Synergi Physio is in constant evolution to serve the people of our community and now expanding online. We believe that the solution to healthcare is, more health and more care. 


Our goal is changing our approach to healthcare and having fun while doing it. Instead of putting a "band aid" on the problem, we want to go to the root cause. What are the habits that need to change? 

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Let's get started on your journey to a life with

more health and more care!

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