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3 ways to take CARE

Taking CARE of ourselves is as important as taking care of a loved one. When we take care of ourselves, we tend to have positive effects on people around us. When we're rested, we have more energy throughout our day, we feel calmer and we can make better decisions. Here's 3 ways you can start taking good CARE of yourself today!

1. E A T W H O L E F O O D S

Food is our fuel. It affects our mood and can give us energy. It has the ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body. It gives us the nutrients our organs need to function properly.

Q U E S T I O N S to ask yourself if you want to know if you're eating whole foods:

✅ Did it grow on a tree or in the ground? Y E S

✅ Did it live in the ocean or the forest? Y E S

✅ Does it have added sugar? N O

✅ Does it have added starches? N O

✅ Does it have any added flavoring? N O

✅ Was it produced in a factory? N O

🔑The key is to have our food in it's most N A T U R A L S T A T E as possible.

* It's ok to have treats once in a while*

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2. M O V E

Physical activity can reduce stress, tension and anxiety.

H O W do we know if we're doing E N O U G H ?

The Heart and Stroke Foundation recommends 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week.

What can this look like?

In a day :

💓Go for a brisk walk to get the mail - 10 minutes

💓Sweep the floors - 10 minutes

💓Dance - 10 minutes

🔑The key is to make your H E A R T P U M P

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3. R E L A X

Relaxing means becoming less tense and anxious. It can look like participating in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired. When we let our minds take a break from all the noise (thoughts and to do lists), we become calmer and we restore energy.