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5 steps to sailing off to sleep

The amount of sleep we get at night doesn't only affect how awake we'll feel during the day. It can affect the health of our body, our mind and our pain if we persistently lack sleep.

Here are things you can start doing the minute you wake up to prepare for a good night sleep.


Wake up at the same time each day

This will train your biological clock.


Avoid afternoon naps

As this can affect your night time sleep.


Block potential distractions

Use earplugs and nightshades to block all noises and light.

Move your phone and alarm clock away from the bed.

Avoid watching TV in your bedroom.


Get yourself physically tired

Do exercise like aerobics, walking, biking, weight lifting, cycling, yoga, tai chi, swimming.

Anything that makes you move!


Relax and breathe

Listen to our guided total body relaxation video here:

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Resource: APTEI - The Pain Truth Program


La quantité de sommeil que nous recevons la nuit affecte non seulement la façon dont nous nous sentirons pendant la journée, mais la santé de notre corps et de notre esprit si nous en manqueons trop souvent.

Voici ce que tu peux commencer à faire dès ton réveil pour te préparer à une bonne nuit de sommeil.


Se réveiller à la même heure chaque jour

Cela entraînera ton horloge biologique.


Éviter les siestes de l'après-midi

Comme cela peut affecter le sommeil nocturne.