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6 ways to pause

The great thing about today is that we can do so much! The problem is...we can do so much!

In a day, we can accomplish a huge to do list, because everything is at our fingertips. Goods and services are more accessible and we certainly take advantage of it. Anyone can reach us at anytime with our cellphones and we don't have to take a drive downtown to pay our bills anymore.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, these tips may help you calm your nervous system and create space for.... just more space.


Let's put our cellphones on ''do not disturb''

Notifications on our phones are made to distract us and pick at our curiosity. To be fully in the present moment, we need to cut out distractions so we can be with ourselves or with the people around us.


Let's do one thing at a time.

Multitasking can leave us feeling overwhelmed.

''When we think we’re multitasking, most often we aren’t really doing two things at once – but instead, individual actions in rapid succession.''

Productivity comes when we slow down.


Let's learn to say no (set some boundaries)

If we feel like we have too much things to do, we probably have too much things to do. Our bodies will let us know, we just have to listen. Society let's us believe that saying no is impolite or make us look like we are not capable of doing the task we are asked to do.

Saying no can look like this:

''I am so thankful that you've asked me do this for you, but I will have to refuse this time''.


Let's be mindful

Mind chatter can get loud sometimes. Instead of trying to shut out the mind chatter, let's sit, close our eyes and observe it instead. We can also observe what is around us without judgement.


Let's exercise

Exercise creates endorphins. It's a natural relaxant our body releases to reward us for doing something to keep us healthy.


Let's breathe

Breathing is one of the best tools to bring our attention to the present moment.

  1. inhale deeply, pushing your belly out.

  2. hold your breath briefly.

  3. exhale, thinking ''relax''.

  4. Repeat 5-10x.

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