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Achieve Goals with Chronic Pain

We want to start by saying that your pain cannot be felt by anyone but yourself. All pain is real, even if we sometimes cannot see where the pain is coming from. The way you perceive your pain is different from everyone else's pain. Taking the time to read this blog post is a great step towards taking control over your pain.

Motivation is found only when we have a clear reason/goal that we care deeply about.

We all need a clear reason and an attainable outcome to be able to achieve something that takes a lot of our energy.

Cooking healthy meals = to reduce inflammation to be able to work in my garden

Walking everyday = helps me keep up with my grandchildren

Taking breaks during the day = to still have energy in the evenings for my family

W H A T would you like your goal to be?

(examples: Achieve optimal health, have more energy, have less pain, be stronger)

I would like to _____________________________________________________.

W H Y would you like to achieve this goal?

So I can __________________________________________________________.

Now that you have your W H A T and your W H Y ,here are 8 T O O L S you can use to help you deal with some barriers surrounding pain that might get in your way.

T O O L S to deal with chronic pain

so it doesn't take over your activities



Learning about pain can reduce stress. Reducing stress can reduce tension in the muscles and that can reduce pain.


Deep Breathing

Deep breathing relaxes our body letting oxygenated blood flow to our muscles. Good circulation reduces pain.



When we picture ourselves doing things that we love or being with people that we love, our body creates endorphins. Endorphins help our body deal with stress and can reduce pain.



Heat also helps with blood circulation (bath, shower, hot pack)