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Relaxing by the Bay

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

We're excited to announce a new service at the Dalhousie Recreaplex Aquatic Center! (where Synergi Physio is located)

The Recreaplex has been bringing people together for 32 years. It is a spacious building that has been used to create countless memories from weddings to birthday parties. It has been used to teach and inspire children to have an active lifestyle and keep our community healthy.

For a few years now, the Recreaplex has had many ups and downs. Our community is getting smaller and the population is getting older. The Recreaplex has no choice but adapt to the changes that has been forced upon it.

This year was the hardest hit. 2020's pandemic has had a economic ravage on our town's wellness center. We're working hard to listen to how people are feeling about the situation that is touching everyone. We're all living this tragedy differently, but we all have one thing in common.

The level of anxiety has risen amongst the people around us and we felt the need to rethink how we should approach our services to best meet the needs of our community.

We want the Recreaplex to be a place of relaxation. We want to create a safe environment where people can come reduce stress and refuel.

Our project is just beginning. We need the support of our community to grow our vision and to use the Recreaplex to it's full potential.

The Nordik Spa Experience

A nordic spa, is a hydrotherapy cycle where heat, cold and rest is used to bring relaxation and calm to the body and mind.

Heat helps with blood flow and reduces tension in the muscles.

Cold helps boost the immune system.

Rest helps reduce stress and give energy.

The Recreaplex will be using their sauna, hot tub and pool to create this cycle.

The Nordik Spa Experience will begin Friday, December 11. It will be open every Friday and Sunday from 6pm to 9pm. Reservation is required 684-7600.

What to bring with you:

- Bathrobe

- Flip flops

- Water bottle

- Book (recommended)

Towels will be provided.

No cell phones allowed.

Come with a friend, your mom, your colleagues or by yourself. We all need to reduce stress in these uncertain times.

from your friends,

team Synergi physio


Relaxer près de la Baie

Nous sommes excités d'annoncer un nouveau service au Centre Aquatique Récréaplex! (où se trouve Synergi Physio)

Le Recreaplex rassemble les gens depuis 32 ans. C'est un bâtiment spacieux qui a été utilisé pour créer d'innombrables souvenirs, des mariages et des fêtes d'anniversaire. Il a été utilisé pour enseigner et inspirer les enfants à adopter un mode de vie actif et à gar